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It is with no small measure of sadness that I announce the closing of Auburn Dance Academy. I simply do not have enough teacher assistants to continue to instruct your children effectively.- Summer classes will continue as scheduled. - Please contact me to set up a time to collect any shoes or dancewear you brought in to sell. You have until August 23 to pick up your items. All unclaimed items will be donated or sold.- If you are interested in any of the recital posters or other artwork please let me know.I really have loved it all. Thank you for your support, your friendship, and for being a part of my dance family. It's been an honor teaching your kids.

Best Wishes,


Revolutionizing the studio dance experience.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way that dance is taught at the studio level, by utilizing a more comprehensive approach to dance. In addition to learning traditional techniques, students will also learn terminology, theory, dance history, and the fundamentals of dance kinesiology and injury prevention. More advanced students will have opportunities to explore choreography, Labanotation (the universal system of notating dance movement), and more in our Summer Workshops. We model our curriculum around the types of courses one would find in a college-level dance program, presented in age-appropriate concepts our students can easily comprehend. 

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1902 1/2 O Street
Auburn, NE 68305

Tel: 402-414-5073

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